Meele Weapons Edit

Weapon Damage Conceal
Sap+ Strength+1 P
Club+ Strength+2 T
Knife Strength+1 J
Sword Strength+2 T
Axe Strength+3 N
Stake* Strength+1 T

+ Denotes a blunt object. Blunt objects inflict bashing damage unless targeted at the head (see “Targeting”). Head shots inflict lethal damage.

* May paralyze a vampire if driven through the heart. The attacker must target the heart (difficulty 9) and score three damage successes.

Ranged Weapons Edit

Type Example Damage Range Rate Capacity Conceal
Revolver, Lt. SW Bodyguard (.38 Special) 4 12 3 6 P
Revolver, Hvy. Ruger Redhawk (.44 Magnum) 6 35 2 6 J
Pistol, Lt. HK USP (9mm) 4 20 4 15+1 P
Pistol, Hvy Springfield XDM (.45 ACP) 5 25 3 13+1 J
Rifle Beretta Tikka T3 (30.06) 8 200 1 3+1 N
SMG, Small* Glock 18 (9mm) 4 20 3 17+1 J
SMG, Large HK MP5 (9mm) 4 50 3 30+1 T
Assault Rifle FN SCAR (5.56mm) 7 150 3 30+1 N
Shotgun Remington 870 (12-Gauge) 8 20 1 5+1 T
Shotgun, Semi-Auto Benelli M4 Super 90 (12-Gauge) 8 20 3 6+1 T
Crossbow 5 20 1 1 T

Damage: Indicates the damage dice pool. Against mortals, firearms are considered lethal damage. Versus vampires, firearms are considered bashing damage unless the head is targeted (see “Targeting”), in which case the damage is considered lethal.

Range: This is the practical shot range in yards or meters. Weapons may be fired at twice this distance, but the attacks are considered long range (difficulty 8).

Rate: The maximum number of bullets or three-round bursts the gun can fire in a single turn. This rate does not apply to full-auto or spray attacks.

Capacity: The number of shells a gun can hold. The +1 indicates a bullet can be held in the chamber, ready to fire.

Concealment: P = Can be carried in the pocket; J = Can be hidden in a jacket; T = Can be hidden in a trenchcoat; N = Cannot be concealed on the person at all.

*Indicates the weapon is capable of three-round bursts, full auto, and sprays.

**The crossbow is included for characters who wish to try staking an opponent. Crossbows require five turns to reload. Unless the crossbow is aimed at the head or heart, it inflicts bashing damage on Kindred. It inflicts lethal damage versus mortals.

Armor Edit

Armor adds its rating to the character’s soak dice pool against bashing damage, lethal damage, and aggravated damage from fangs and claws. It does not protect against fire or sunlight. However, armor also subtracts a number of dice from dice pools related to bodily coordination and agility (most Dexterity- based dice pools). This is reflected in the penalty listing. Attackers may make targeting rolls to hit unprotected portions of a defender and thus ignore the armor (Storyteller assigns difficulty penalty — typically +1 or +2).

Class Armor Rating Penalty
Class One(Reinforced Clothing) 1 0
Class Two(Armor T-Shirt) 2 1
Class Three(Kevlar Vest) 3 1
Class Four(Flak Jacket) 4 2
Class Five(Full Riot Gear) 5 3

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