The Ventrue pretend to nobility, but they are nothing more than the ruling class of the dying world — merchants and moneylenders. Clan Ventrue has a glorious past, a lineage of knights, paladins, and warrior-kings. The Blue Bloods of tonight relish backroom dealings, compromise and favor-trading. In other words, say the Ventrue antitribu, they are no better than the sniveling Tremere.

The Ventrue antitribu might not be the moral backbone of the Sabbat, but they are definitely some of the most idealist Cainites therein (although there are rumors that there may be two distinct bloodlines both claiming to be the “true” Ventrue antitribu). They carry with them the notions of noblesse oblige and chivalry. They believe that their Camarilla counterparts have betrayed not only the true nature of the vampiric race, but the role of their Clan in particular and feel that only by taking up the mantle of Warriors of Caine can they atone. When Gehenna comes and the skies rain fire and blood, it will not be the Crusaders that hide in their havens and pray that doom passes them by.

These devout Kindred will be at the forefront, swords — or machine guns — hoisted high and the ancient motto of their Clan proudly on their lips: Regere sanguine, regere in veritatem est (“To rule in blood is to rule in truth”).

Nickname: Crusaders

Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Auspex or Presence

Weakness: Sabbat Ventrue have the same weakness as their Camarilla brethren. The player decides with the Storyteller what specific type of blood suits the Crusader, and this choice is permanent. Blood of other types (even animals) simply offers the vampire no blood pool increase, no matter how much he consumes

Quote: You’re not worthy of the blood you’re carrying. Time to give it to a real child of Veddartha.