The Toreador of the Sabbat are just as prone to creative expression and love of beauty as their Camarilla counterparts, but they enjoy a much higher regard within their Sect. This is because the Toreador antitribu codified much of the Sabbat’s present structure, forming its rites and expressing its philosophy in such as a way as to appeal to the young vampires of the time.

They layered discourse with meaning, showing through satire, poetry, and (when necessary) straightforward explanation that the Sabbat held the keys to the future of all Cainites.

These vampires haven’t lost their creative edge over the centuries. While Camarilla Toreador express themselves through fairly conventional means of art, the Perverts tend more toward extreme, bloody, and painful presentations. Torture is an art form, and body art — whether performed with tattoo needles or scalpels — is popular among the Perverts. Since such modifications are not permanent (unless the Pervert in question is able to learn Vicissitude, that is), the undead form is a constantly renewing canvas. The Toreador antitribu take advantage of this to send messages coded within the art of their own bodies, using a system of symbols that takes the vampires a lifetime to truly master.

Nickname: Perverts or Pervs

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Weakness: Over time, the propensity for the Toreador to become fascinated by beauty has twisted itself into a perverse need for cruelty. When faced with an opportunity to inflict emotional or physical pain — a captive that might be tortured, or a protégé whose ambitions might be squashed — the Toreador antitribu’s player must make a Self-Control or Instinct roll (difficulty 6), or spend a Willpower point. If the roll fails, the character must indulge in her savage desires.

Quote: Hold that pose. That’s good. Can you stop bleeding from the neck so much, please?