When the Spanish came to what is now Mexico, they carried Kindred with them in the holds of their ships. These undead stepped into the nights of the New World… and found that other vampires already claimed domain here. One bloodline of such Kindred was the Tlacique.

Claiming descent from Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god of night and black magic, the Tlacique might have forged alliances with the Kindred that arrived with the Spaniards, had those conquistadores not destroyed the civilizations on which the Tlacique preyed and infected their people with smallpox. As their society fell, the Tlacique briefly allied with the Sabbat, but when the two factions took the time to examine the others, they found their belief systems quite incompatible. The Sword of Caine eventually slew the weakened Tlacique, and the bloodline as a whole vanished from view. They still exist, however: a handful scattered across Central America and the southwestern United States. The Tlacique are unquestionably a Setite line, though only their vulnerability to sunlight marks them as such. They are mystics one and all, and status within the line depends in part by learning magic. In addition to their Disciplines, they practice a form of Thaumaturgy called Nahuallotl (in game terms, this Path is identical to the Path of Blood, although they pay out-of-Clan costs to learn it).

Nickname: Jaguars

Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Protean

Weakness: The Tlacique’s weakness is one of the only ways to trace the line’s lineage to the Setites. They, like the Followers of Set, suffer two additional health levels of damage from sunlight, and a one-die penalty to all rolls when subjected to bright light of any kind.

Quote: A heart to make the sun rise. The blood within the heart to sustain the sun through his nightly sleep. You are blessed — you get to provide both.