In the early nights of Clan Tremere, before the diablerie of Saulot, a small band of Warlocks made its way into Lithuania. Clan records state that the original goal of this journey was to expand the Clan’s influence into these lands, or to find allies. Some elder Tremere, though, claim that these pilgrims took the journey to escape from the clutches of their Clan once and for all.

Whatever the original motive behind the exodus, when the Tremere arrived, they fell in with the pagan peoples of Lithuania and learned of Telyavel, the protector of the dead. The local people saw the vampires — nocturnal, bloodthirsty, and obviously magical — as incarnations or avatars of their death-gods, and the Tremere grew to believe them. They cast off the name “Tremere,” and simply became the “Telyavs.” While they had some infrequent contact with chantries outside of Lithuania, for the most party they remained patrons and predators to the villagers.

This was not to last, however. In the late 13th century, the Ventrue warlord Jürgen the Sword-Bearer destroyed one of the last remaining enclaves of the Telyavs. The bloodline managed to limp along for another few centuries, but by the 16th century, the main body of the Tremere reported that all of them had been destroyed.

Nickname: Telyavs, Shepherds

Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Thaumaturgy

Weakness: The Telyavs bound their fates so tightly to their pagan herds that they took on some of the same fears and enemies. They are weak against Christian symbols and faith. Difficulties to resist frenzy are two higher than normal when confronted by an enemy using True Faith as a defense. They recoil from the sight of the cross or other symbols of the Christian faith.

Quote: We reached too high. Power and enlightenment aren’t found in formulae. They are found in dirt, wood, and blood.