The Serpents of the Light are the antitribu of the Followers of Set. They began as a splinter group, a Setite heresy that rejected the worship of the Clan’s founder as a god. This Sect made its way to Haiti, studying vodoun and the mysticism thereof, and during the 1970s came under the sway of the Sabbat. The Clan proper tried to bring the Serpents of the Light back in line with “orthodox” Setite belief, but to no avail.

As with several other splinter groups of the Clans, the Serpents of the Light found the freedom of the Sword of Caine too alluring. The bloodline’s methods are familiar to those who know the Setites. The Cobras engage in seduction and sexual manipulation in order to achieve their ends (and, of course, to find the blood they need to survive). They dabble in drugs, prostitution, and any other method they can find to bring mortals into slavery to their own vices. In fact, apart from religious outlook, very little separates them from the Followers of Set. Some Kindred wonder, in fact, if the whole schism isn’t part of some much longer and intricate scheme, one that only the eldest of the line are fully privy to.

Nickname: Cobras

Disciplines: Presence, Obfuscate, Serpentis

Weakness: The Serpents of the Light, despite the name, are just as vulnerable to bright illumination as their parent Clan. They suffer two additional health levels of damage from sunlight, and a one-die penalty to all rolls when subject to bright light of any kind.

Quote: Let’s dance, you and I. No one watching but the loa. And hell, let’s invite them to join us. Roll up your sleeve.