Both the Danava and the brahmin Ravnos, the Phuri Dae, claim to have created the proprietary magic of Sadhana. Both wield it in these nights, along with the few brahmin Salubri Watchers inducted into their rite. The blood sorcery involves mantras, mudras, and ascetic magic empowered by blood sacrifice. Their Thaumaturgy has proprietary versions of Potestas Motus and Potestas Elementorum. A sadhu must develop their magic through asceticism — withholding pleasures in order to generate a spiritual heat that allows them to work their magic — and worship. Consequently, a sadhu cannot cast a level of a Sadhana Path higher than her Theology Knowledge. Their other Greater Path involves analysis and manipulation of an individual’s fate through the cosmic sum of their spiritual actions, called karma. A rakta-sadhu must engage in grueling austerities to unlock these specific powers of the Blood. Typical exercises include fasting near to torpor, yoga extended over the course of several weeks, and exposure to fire while resisting Rötschreck.

Besides the Lesser Path of Blood Nectar and the Greater Power of Karma (as the Tremere would classify the magics; the Indian Cainites make no such distinctions), the Children of Danu are also the inceptors and masters of a third Greater Path, called Praapti, blood magic that allows instantaneous teleportation. Created to compete against their rivals among the asuratizzaya, this magic has garnered the greatest interest of the Hermes-focused Tremere, who learned of it while hunting a Watcher Salubri.

All Sadhana Paths are activated as Thaumaturgy powers, save that rituals are performed with the player rolling Intelligence + Theology rather than Occult.

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