Shortly after the formation of the Sabbat, a small group of Ravnos decided that following the orders of their elders and searching for the same “truths” the Clan always had wasn’t what they wanted out of unlife. They wanted the freedom that the Sabbat promised, and so they renounced their heritage and became part of the Sword of Caine. From there, they Embraced just as any Sabbat vampires did, and so the Ravnos antitribu are still an important part of the Sabbat. The Rogues lurk amongst the nomadic Sabbat packs, acting as scouts and con artists.

The Ravnos antitribu may be thieves and liars, but if one gives his solemn word (accompanied by spitting blood into his hand), he will keep that vow even unto Final Death. They share their Clan’s propensity for vice, and for nomadic unlife. The freedom to pull up stakes and leave an area whenever trouble comes knocking — combined with the freedom to feed as they please — makes the Sabbat the only conceivable way of unlife for these Cainites.

Nickname: Rogues

Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude

Weakness: Each Ravnos antitribu, just like their parent Clan, has a penchant for some sort of vice — breaking taboos is hard-wired into the Rogues just as it is into the Ravnos proper. When presented with the opportunity to engage in that vice, the Rogue must indulge it unless her player succeeds on a Self-Control or Instincts roll (difficulty 6).

Quote: Freedom means not giving a fuck about marime.