The Caitiff of the Sabbat, Panders are on the front lines when the Sword of Caine goes to war. That means, of course, that the vast majority of casualties in violent action come from their ranks. But as precarious as this position within the Sabbat may be, it is their position, and the rest of the Sect recognizes this. Recognition, as any Caitiff trying desperately to survive under a Camarilla Prince will tell you, goes a long way.

Any Sabbat vampire that does not know his Clan, or any vampire Embraced by an established Pander, is considered a Mutt. This means that when the Sabbat goes looking for shock troops, it tends to be Panders that swell their ranks (since mass Embrace definitely qualifies as dangerous work). The Panders became an established part of the Sabbat in the 1950s, when a low-level Sabbat vampire named Joseph Pander united the Clanless Sabbat under his banner (and name).

Ever since then, the term has been applied to these Kindred. They take on the dress and mannerisms of bikers, homeless, punks, and the dispossessed among humanity, the better to feed on and Embrace from these dregs. But rare is the Pander that bemoans his lot in unlife — these Cainites are true, loyal Sabbat.

Nickname: Mutts

Disciplines: Panders do not have Clan Disciplines, meaning that the player may choose any Discipline at character creation (subject to Storyteller approval). In addition, Panders are subject to the same rules for raising Disciplines with experience points as Caitiff.

Weakness: Panders do not have a specific weakness. Pander characters cannot start lower than Ninth Generation, though they can subsequently lower their Generation via diablerie.

Quote: Call me a Mutt, yeah? That’s fine. Purebreds go crazy as they get older. And Cainites, well, we live “dog eat dog.”