The Nosferatu of the Sabbat aren’t too different from their Camarilla brethren. Both branches of the Clan tend toward subterranean havens, and both branches use their considerable skill in stealth and control of vermin to traffic in information. Just as the more beautiful Kindred of the Camarilla must occasionally get their feet dirty going to see a Nosferatu information broker, the Cainites call upon their deformed comrades for secrets and tactics.

Interestingly, the Nosferatu antitribu are less brutal than many Sabbat Kindred. This may be because they know what it is to be a monster — it’s there, in their faces, from the first night of undeath. They don’t need to overcompensate, and so bloody excesses are unnecessary.

This by no means makes the Creeps human, or even especially humane. It just means that if a Nosferatu antitribu does engage in wholesale slaughter or horrific violence, he’s doing it for a specific reason, rather than just for fun.

But the Creeps may have another reason for avoiding overt depravity — they wish to stay as far under the radar as possible. While the Nosferatu antitribu are careful to avoid letting Clan business get out into the rumor mill, gossip occasionally surfaces that the Clan is terrified of its Antediluvian founder, more so than other Clans of the Sabbat.

Nickname: Creeps

Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Weakness: Sabbat Nosferatu are just as hideous as their Camarilla counterparts, and suffer the same weakness: they all have an Appearance score of zero, and they may never improve it

Quote: There’s always a scarier beastie. Look: You’re scarier than Dahmer or Gacy. I’m scarier than you. And… well. There are things scarier than me. Let’s leave it at that.