To outsiders, Malkavians have an uncanny knack for showing up in the right place at the right time. Or, in some cases, the wrong place at the right time. This ability comes from a keenly developed ability known as Malkavian Time. Clan meetings occur on this unwritten schedule, passed through to members by the Malkavian Madness Network. A message is initially sent through some form of media. The sender could write a message on the back of a receipt, whisper something into a cell phone, or press their head against a TV screen. The Malkavians able to receive the message do so by encountering the same media. The receiver will see it written on any receipt in their pocket, hear it over their cell phone line, or have the cable news pundit speak the message directly to them. The Malkavian keeps hearing the message repeatedly until they acknowledge it and take action towards it.

Any Malkavian can take Malkavian Time as a Specialty of their Awareness Skill. Any Malkavians with dots in Awareness can receive messages, but only those with the Specialty can send messages. When a meeting is coming, the Storyteller secretly rolls Perception + Awareness (difficulty 6). Successes clue the Malkavian in to an upcoming meeting. The more successes, the more time the Malkavian has to prepare to see the rest of her Clanmates. One success means the meeting just started, two successes means there’s a meeting tonight, three successes means a meeting tomorrow, with each success adding an additional night for the Malkavian to prepare.

Sending messages requires a Wits + Awareness roll (difficulty 6). Every success means the message gets out on another form of media.

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