Malkavian Madness Network

It has many names. The Cobweb. The Tapestry. Steve. The Malkavian Madness Network is how we are able to know things other Kindred can’t know. We are all plugged into the darkness that surrounds us, more so than the Gangrel who walks with wolves while shirtless and the Tremere who won’t shut up about how much they know but can’t say anything. This is the insight that keeps us in the favor of Kindred who would otherwise stake us, diablerize us, or lock us up in asylums with lovely sunroofs. It flows from one big, scary river of blood oozing out of the mouth of Malkav.

The Network is connected to Malkav. Some of us go so far to say that it is Malkav, figuring out a way to sleep in the minds of all his good little boys and girls rather than some dank cave somewhere. Others say anything we hear, he hears, because his blood is alive. Malkav’s pain is so grand that he passes it on to all of us in little pieces that run back to him with all the neat things we’ve learned. So, for holding those bits of himself, we get a teeny tiny taste of what it’s like to be omniscient.

If the network is Malkav, than our elders are the towers, the lighthouses, the gibbet full of a corpse who still talks even though the crows peck at his bones. All the information we hear gets filtered through our elders; the most important pieces get sent out over the Network. The Network is like that white noise you get used to living in a big city. All honks and air conditioners, but then suddenly one of the cars driving by addresses you by name and says something relevant to your evening. The best Malkavians catch this info while it’s still useful. Rarely does something go out that everyone needs to hear. Even when a message gets garbled or supposedly sent to the wrong Malkavian, it ends up working out in the end.

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