Places, domains and sites important or that have appeared in our chronicle so far.

Staten Island

Eve's Ultra Lounge

One of Staten Island's premier clubs, "Eve's Ultra Lounge," was the strobe light of the Anarch movement on Staten Island. Owned, perhaps by some wealthy Toreador or Venture entrepreneur, however the amount of noticeable Kindred in the twinkling space might discourage anyone from poking their nose into such. No bouncers laid wait, at the red carpet entrance with the raven feathered overhang, people simply walked in. To the left, bathrooms, to the right, the party. A party so "scene" that hairdo's reached the light fixtures above, and hit the glossy wood floors below.   The stage was littered with gothic pop, a horrific amalgamation of music, but it got the job done in making people horny and bouncing. It was evident that the dance floor could be filled with both Kindred and Kine, which was which wasn't clear. The club was nestled nicely in an area of some crime, but nothing in terms of Camarillia or Sabbat attacks, as such many know this is a safe place to come as a Kindred. 

Willowbrook State School

A ruined school claimed by Cropsey and his gang.

Rosebank Tavern

Located at Bay St., this is the domain of a Nosferatu Hag aand her brood.


A hodgepodge of criminal activity, stapleton is home to various gangs and some kindred.

Garibaldi Museum

Known Anarch Elysium where Boss Callihan frequently can be found.

Historic Richmond Town

Weird place.