For the most part, other Kindred don’t differentiate between Dominate Malkavians and the main body of the Clan. Vampires don’t carry badges detailing their acuity in the various Disciplines, after all, and it’s by no means impossible for a Malkavian to wield both powers.

As with so many things related to the Moon Clan, most vampires wouldn’t know about it if the Malkavians didn’t tell them. For some reason, the Clan felt it was important for the Camarilla to know that some of their number retained skill with the Dominate Discipline. Likewise, their nickname — Carriers — is self-applied. The implication is clear: These Malkavians are immune to Dementation (at least as far as “contracting” it the way the rest of the Clan did), but they are capable of spreading it. Rumors fly that these Malkavians are capable of spreading Dementation — and the accompanying madness — even to non-Malkavian Kindred.

Whether or not that’s true hasn’t been established, but it is true that Dominate Malkavians tend to be more outwardly stable than other members of their Clan. That isn’t to say they aren’t mad — they are. Their derangements, though, tend more toward cold sociopathy or quiet hallucinations that the screaming, full-blown madness that afflicts much of the rest of the Clan. Likewise, Dominate Malkavians show no particular propensity for prophetic wisdom, and often seem somewhat contemptuous of the ones that do.

Nickname: Carriers

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate (Note: If you wish to set your Vampire game before the events of the “Great Prank” that gave every Malkavian Dementation, nearly every Lunatic has these Disciplines – only the Malkavian antitribu at the time have access to Dementation.)

Weakness: Like all Malkavians, the Carriers are irretrievably insane. As a rule, their insanity tends to be “quieter” than the average Lunatic’s, but the Dominate Malkavians still have at least one derangement that cannot be cured.

Quote: If you’re expecting me to flip out and start hitting people with fish, well, you’ve got the wrong weirdo. I’m not here to amuse you.

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