The Daitya are an Indian bloodline of the Followers of Set. They revere Shiva the Destroyer as an incarnation of Set, and believe that by casting the world into greater depths of depravity, they can help it reach its nadir of true evil. When that happens, Shiva will open his third eye and gaze upon the world, destroying it, and setting the stage for the next cycle of existence.

Like many Indian Kindred, the Daitya do not accept the Caine myth. They believe that they are demons, and that by killing, corrupting, and enslaving people, they are doing what it is in their nature as demons to do. They observe a caste system similar to that of mortals, and feel that being Embraced indicates a previous life of sin and profanity. By doing their duty in this incarnation (which can last many lifetimes), then the Daitya feel that reincarnation in a higher station is possible.

Many Daitya run or are involved with a cult to Shiva, and recruit ghouls and childer from the cult. The bloodline is scholarly and devout, in its way. The Daitya are not, however, humble — they believe that the gods themselves listen to their prayers, and that they are the vehicles that will bring the world to judgment.

Nickname: Blasphemers

Disciplines: Presence, Obfuscate, Serpentis

Weakness: The Daitya suffer the same weakness as the Followers of Set (p. 53): They suffer two additional health levels of damage from sunlight, and a one-die penalty to all rolls when subject to bright light of any kind.

Quote: Tonight we fast. Keep your hunger under control. Kill the mortal whelp if you wish, if it helps, but do not feed.