The Country Gangrel resemble the independent and Camarilla Gangrel — they are savage, vicious hunters, more comfortable in the wilds between cities than the concrete jungles. The Sabbat has seen a influx of Gangrel converts from the Camarilla, and these Hunters easily lost themselves in stalking and killing.

The Country Gangrel serve the Sabbat as assassins and scouts, using their command of animals to gather intelligence on the comings and goings of other Kindred.

Travel between cities was never exactly safe, as Lupines seem to prowl any patch of land large enough to grow a few trees (or so Camarilla elders have always told their childer), but with the Hunters prowling about, looking for wayward neonates, itinerant Kindred face even more dire threats.

This might sound like Camarilla propaganda, but the Country Gangrel do all they can to make it true. Free from the constraints of having to look human, these creatures relish the chance to hunt as wolves hunt — savagely and in packs. If they have a regret, it’s that their prey can’t usually run fast enough to make the hunt last.

Nickname: Hunters

Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Weakness: The Hunters have the same weakness as their non-Sabbat counterparts. Each time a Country Gangrel frenzies, he gains a temporary animalistic feature, which may replace an existing temporary one. The mechanical impact of such a feature is up to Storyteller discretion.

Quote: Lost? Bad place for lost. Wanna run now?