The Sabbat boasts two Gangrel lines, the City and the Country Gangrel. The City Gangrel remind some Kindred of coyotes — they are creatures well-suited for wilderness life, but they adapt to an urban existence quite smoothly. The high preponderance of prey in the cities, coupled with the Gangrel’s inherent mutability of blood, has allowed the line to flourish. Their association with the Sabbat means that they Embrace prolifically, but also that their unlife expectancy is short.

Unlike Country Gangrel, who can afford to let their animalistic ways take over and their appearances grow truly bestial, the City Gangrel must either adopt a more Nosferatu-like approach to unlife or blend in with their prey. To outward appearance, then, these latter Kindred seem human, dress as appropriate to their area and the social class that they mimic. But City Gangrel are largely Sabbat vampires, and that means they are predators. Any disguise they adopt is strictly that, camouflage to allow them to get close enough to bite.

Nickname: Coyotes

Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean

Weakness: City Gangrel suffer the same weakness as the main line of the Clan. Whenever a City Gangrel frenzies, he gains a temporary animalistic feature of some kind (which may replace an existing temporary one). The mechanical impact of such a feature is up to Storyteller discretion. City Gangrel tend to develop features reminiscent of the animals commonly found in urban environments — rats, dogs, cats, pigeons, and even insects.

Quote: The new community center is finally open. Call up the pack.