The Brujah antitribu are, perhaps, the historical founders of the Sabbat. It was the young members of Clan Brujah, after all, who broke with their elders during the Anarch Revolt, and it was these same volatile Kindred that fought against the agents of those elders when other vampires might have considered compromise.

Brujah antitribu are just as unstable and angry as their Camarilla counterparts, but unlike the Rabble, they don’t have to pretend to be in control. When a Brujah antitribu wants something — blood, money, property, or a new childe — he takes it. This attitude has led to the bloodline being one of the most numerous in the Sabbat, and one that supports the Sect with fervor.

They turn their infamously violent passion toward every cause that the Sabbat puts forth. While they traditionally don’t assume leadership roles, when they do undertake their own missions, they execute them with brutal and ostentatious abandon.

The Brutes take pains to make others uncomfortable. Whether that’s by their manner of dress, their barely concealed appetite for blood, or simply that they seldom retract their fangs even around mortals, the bloodline does what it can to stand out. That might mean a breach of the Masquerade, of course, but the Brujah antitribu reason that they are the Damned — so why shouldn’t they raise a little hell?

Nickname: Brutes

Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Weakness: The bloodline has the same weakness as the main body of the Clan (p. 51): All frenzy difficulties are increased by two, to a maximum of 10. Unlike Camarilla Brujah, though, the Brutes aren’t in the least bit sensitive about their tempers. Indeed, they revel in their rage.

Quote: Heads, we kill everybody here. Tails, we only kill the ones that stay after I tear that faggot’s ears off.