The elders of Clan Ravnos long ago divided themselves up into castes, much like mortal Indian society. In theory, only a member of a given vampire caste could Embrace a member of the appropriate mortal caste. In practice, though, the Clan’s elders couldn’t maintain such strict control over its members, even in India, and certainly not in the rest of the world.

For the most part, these vampire castes (called jati) were identical to the main body of the Clan in terms of ability and blood. The Brahman Ravnos, though, have a gift of sight that the other jati do not, and often use it to divine the future or the locations of their enemies. They act as advisors and seers to their Clan in India.

Another branch of the Clan, called the Phuri Dae, followed the Roma (Gypsies) along their travels in Europe. They are mechanically identical to the Brahman, and served much the same function.

Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Chimerstry

Weakness: The Brahman suffer the same weakness as the main body of Clan Ravnos. Each one has a preferred form of vice (though the Brahman have a special love for swindling through psychic readings and séances). Whenever the Brahman is given the chance to indulge in his favorite vice, the player must roll Self-Control or Instinct (difficulty 6) to resist the temptation.

Quote: Our traditions are not meaningless now, childe. If anything, they mean more now. We have so much more to preserve, and so few voices left to accomplish it.

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