Assamite viziers are and always have been a vital part of the Clan. Magical knowledge and research remains the purview of the sorcerers, but the viziers are necessary for compiling and uncovering information on philosophy, government, the arts, and religion. The viziers have acted as leaders within the Clan — not where matters of war are concerned (this they wisely leave to the warrior Assamites), but when it comes to understanding and relating to mortals, the viziers make the best consultants.

Unfortunately, while they can learn, understand, and interpret mortal customs and mores, they have difficulty actually relating to them. Assamite viziers are driven to accumulate knowledge with a zeal that borders on obsessive. They can understand why people act the way they do on a large scale, but understanding the motives of a particular person is much more difficult.

For many years, Assamite viziers and sorcerers were regarded as one caste (this is why sorcerers are still referred to as “viziers” by the ignorant). In modern nights, the viziers have emerged from the shadows to conduct their scholarly research more visibly. Whether this will open the viziers to greater danger from the Assamites’ enemies or bring the caste more power remains to be seen.

Nickname: Scholars or Artisans

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Quietus

Weakness: The viziers are mad. Every vizier finds himself caught up in the continuance of his chosen pursuits to the exclusion of trivial concerns such as daily shelter or nightly nourishment. Each vizier has an Obsessive-Compulsive derangement associated with his highest-rated intellectual or creative Ability. If the character’s focus of effort shifts, so does the focus of the derangement.

Quote: Seventy virgins. Seventy Kindred in the city. Virgin blood — have any of the Kindred in the city consumed the blood of their own childer? Well, find out!