When the Tremere of the Camarilla subjected Clan Assamite to their curse, rendering Kindred blood a deadly poison to the Clan of Assassins, not every member of that Clan succumbed. Some broke away from the main body of the Clan, willing to face whatever doom awaited rather than submit to the infidel’s magic. The result was the Assamite antitribu.

These vampires are Cainites in a more direct sense than many Sabbat. They regard Haqim as an abomination, just one of the hated Antediluvians. Instead, they revere Caine, and work to become closer to the Third Mortal. Their method, of course, is to lower their Generation through diablerie.

Beyond that, though, no much differentiates the Angels of Caine from the “mainstream” Assamites. Both are masters of hunting and killing, and both observe strict codes of honor and fierce zeal where their ongoing crusade is concerned. Both grow darker of skin as they grown older and more powerful. And both forms of Assamite believe that in the Final Nights, the truly reverent and devout shall be rewarded, while the weak perish at their fangs.

Nickname: Angels of Caine

Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Weakness: Assamite antitribu have the post-curse weakness mentioned in the sidebar on the previous page. In fact, their weakness never changed, while the rest of the Clan shackled with the blood curse of the Tremere. Whenever an Assamite antitribu drinks vampire blood, the player must roll Self-Control or Instincts (difficulty 3 + the number of blood points consumed).

If this roll fails, the character is addicted. Once addicted, the character will indulge in drinking Kindred blood whenever possible. When she is given the opportunity to do so, the player must roll Self-Control or Instincts (difficulty 6). If this roll fails, the character frenzies, attacks the target and drinks as much blood as she can.

Quote: What gives me the right to take your blood? Oh, I don’t have a “right.” I have a duty.

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